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Items of interest to FSC members & visitors

– Smoking –
Current policy is no smoking inside the building and no smoking within 50 feet of the entrance. Unfortunately, there have been complaints(ongoing) about persons smoking at or near the door way and not disposing cigarette butts properly. One approach to this issue is to ban all smoking on FSC grounds (smoking would still be permitted in motor vehicles parked on FSC grounds). Before the Board takes further action, I would appreciate your thoughts on this ongoing problem.


– Conduct –
There are rules of conduct while on Club property. Those rules can be found in the meeting schedule that are available in all meeting rooms. I would emphasize that our primary mission as a Board is to provide a safe and secure environment for 12 Step Recovery. By the same token, the Board does not regulate off-premise conduct. Issues involving relationships, rides, loans, etc. are not within the purview of our rules of conduct. Ultimately, we expect members and visitors to be responsible for and accountable for their own conduct.


– Building Maintenance –
Our addition is nearly 20 years old. Due to a number of factors, there are significant repairs that need to made immediately. We are in the process of securing and reviewing bids for some major repair work on the exterior of the building. We expect to be in a position to award the contract to a builder sometime in the next two weeks. I would like to offer my thanks to the members of the building and grounds committee who have volunteered an untold number of hours working on our building maintenance issues!