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FSC Update:

Updated 7/6/20: The FSC clubhouse is open for those seeking in-person recovery meetings. See our complete schedule here. As of 6/25, we have also updated the compiled list of the virtual meetings being held by various FSC groups. That link now contains passwords that are now required by several groups, so please note updates. 

Email us, and we’ll help to connect you with other resources as needed. Here’s another quick reference to all currently publicly available AA online meetings.

Fitchburg Serenity Club Mission

“FSC is a non-profit corporation for recovering alcoholics, addicts, their families and friends, who follow a 12-step program of recovery. FSC provides space for meetings, the opportunity for fellowship, and endeavors to offer a safe, secure, positive environment for recovery.”

Ask us what we can do to help you today!

Fitchburg Serenity Club

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