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ACA @ Fitchburg Serenity Club

ACA stands for Adult Children of Alcoholics. Below is a current schedule of in-person ACA meetings taking place each week at Fitchburg Serenity Club. Below that you will find zoom meetings as well. Newcomers looking for their first ACA meeting are welcome to attend by simply showing up.

7:15 pm Big Red Book Study, Room C – hybrid


7:00pm ACA meeting room C -hybrid


2:12pm ACA Meeting, Room H – hybrid

FITCHBURG ACA GROUPS VIRTUAL MEETING LIST:Contact Matt K to attend the following Zoom Video Conferencing ACA Meetings:  matt.k@wglaca.org  or  608-217-4700
Sunday 12:30pm – Laundry List Traits Workbook Meeting
Monday 12:00 – Daily Affirmations Meeting
Monday 7:15 – Big Red Book Meeting
Tuesday 12:00 – Laundry List Traits Workbook Meeting
Tuesday 2:00pm – Tony A’s 12 Step Meeting
Tuesday 7:00pm – ACA Meeting
Wednesday 12:00 – Daily Affirmations Meeting
Wednesday 12:30 – Breaking the Habit Meeting
Thursday 10:00 – Awaking to Wholeness Meeting
Thursday 12:00 – Loving Parent Guidebook Meeting
Thursday 7:00pm – Yellow 12 Step Workbook Meeting
Friday 12:00 – Daily Affirmations Meeting
Friday 7:00pm – True Self Talent Show Meeting   2nd Friday of every month
Saturday 2:12pm – ACA Meeting