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Fitchburg Serenity Club Annual Holiday Letter

Dear Friends of Fitchburg Serenity Club:

As I think about the past year, 2022, I see a time when the FSC clubhouse is once again an exciting and bustling center of service, fellowship and recovery.  We welcomed 30 new members to our community, and we are grateful!  The fellowship gathered for so many festive events, from the summer picnic, the fish fry, the rousing young people’s summer games, to chili feeds and of course our Thanksgiving dinner. I love that so many of you appreciate our house band, the Half Measures, and that everyone contributes to bring us together!

Every day as I drive my truck into the clubhouse parking lot I get a spiritual lift when I see the line of 51 arbor vitae trees that stand on the west edge of our property.  For me, these trees symbolize what is great about FSC.  They reflect the generosity of the donors for sure, and I remember the beautiful day they  planted.  People worked hard and we had fun! Some trees stand in tribute to something important to the donors, and really folks, the trees solved a practical problem in cutting the wind across our beautiful grounds.

The FSC community does more recovery work than ever. There are at least 90 meetings happening at the club every week. Think about that, every week! The building and grounds have been refreshed, with resurfacing of the parking lot, painting inside and out, and welcoming art work in our lobby, just to name a few. Our beautifully lit oak tree really is a beacon of hope.

I am proud of our board members, who work with me to insure we are responsible stewards of FSC resources.  The decision to self manage our building and property saves the club at least $1500 per month, and FSC looks great!  

My heart is full when I think of the important community we have created here.  Lives are saved through miracles every day.  In this season of good will and sharing, I invite you to consider contributing to the fiscal well being of our clubhouse and its grounds. This letter is accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope that you can use to mail your donation, and of course online donations are always welcome through our website.  Your gift will benefit so many.

In closing, I wish you all a warm holiday season, and please know that you are loved and cared for.

Yours in service,

Vern Alt

FSC Board President