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Spring has sprung! As the weather warms, the FSC picnic tables and firepit provide a great place to soak up a little sunshine. Whether you’re attending meetings at FSC or online right now, your participation in the fellowship is so critical and valued!

Thank you for your financial contributions and membership dues during this time to help cover FSC expenses that remain constant even when in-person meeting attendance is down. We appreciate your participation in the 7th Tradition!

The latest FSC Schedule is available below.


For recovery & connection while sheltering in place:

–>Click here for ZOOM meeting logins and passcodes.

The 7th Tradition is Available Online

As you attend meetings via Zoom, please consider making your usual “basket” contributions online. While FSC’s in-person meeting attendance is down during our current season of social distancing, FSC expenses remain the same. We are self-supporting through our own contributions.