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We understand that help can be needed at all hours. If our club is not open during your time of need please try to relax, breathe deeply, & enjoy these Guided Meditations available 24-hrs a day.



Let meditation help you to:
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Enjoy a peaceful state of mind
• Improve health in general
• Strengthen your immune system
• Increase motivation
• Improve concentration and focus
• Alleviate diseases and illnesses such as migraines, insominia, asthma, ADHD and more!

Helpful hints for guided meditation:
• Sit in a comfortable position
• Leave your legs and arms unfolded and loose
• Be in a space that you will not be interrupted

If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the words and suggestions on the recording. Don’t be concerned about how often your mind might wander. The purpose of the relaxation technique is to train your mind to return to a single focus of attention.



Click here for Healing Breathwork.
15-minute meditation designed to teach you how to bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance with your breath.

Click here for Mind-Body Relaxation.
10-minute meditation designed as a mini-stress break to bring your mind and body to balance.


THANK YOU to The Grace Project for these peaceful offerings.